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Bellatrix Black
5 June 1951
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Bellatrix Black is a Pureblood witch of the Black family. She's currently engaged to Rodolphus Lestrange, with their wedding set to take place in the spring. It's to be the event of the Wizarding social calendar, and her Auntie Walburga is driving her to distraction with "last" minute planning -- with more than half a year to spare -- and near constant adjustments to the guest list and the seating chart as different individuals fall in and out of social favor or, more ominously, began to fall onto the list of Blood Traitors, from which there is no return.

The most recent addition to the list on UnInvitees was Walburga's own Sirius. And that was such a lovely day for Bella, as the little git had been an irritant for such a long time now, and the shame that he's brought down on their family is unacceptable. The Purge should start at home, and if her Auntie and her dearest Uncle Orion hadn't seen to it -- well, she would have herself.

Bella Black excelled in Dueling at school, as well as in terrorizing the younger students. Haughty and beautiful, she made no bones of her beliefs that she was better than everyone else. Possessed of a strong sadistic streak, she has no qualms with the more, well, stringent tactics that the Cause has started to adopt. In fact, she delights in them. Anything to prove to the Dark Lord that she believes, because she does. Fervently.

Bella likes her intended well enough. They get on, they're compatible in beliefs and in the bedroom, but her heart belongs to another. To her Lord. And she is, and will always be, first and foremost his.

This is a young version of lestranger_love set in 1976. Bellatrix belongs to J.K. Rowling, Katie McGrath belongs to herself as far as I know.

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